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"And turtles, of course ... all the turtles are free, as turtles, and maybe, all creatures should be."
- Dr. Seuss, Yertle the Turtle




May 1, 2011

While in Florida, Stricken Ann and Stricken E went kayaking with Jen and Ashley on Biscayne Bay. It was the girls’ first kayaking experience and they had a blast.

Apr 30, 2011

Stricken E and Stricken had a great time hanging out at the beach. They really enjoyed getting some sun. Stricken Ann found a shell just her size.

Apr 27, 2008

On the road trip from Texas to Michigan, Jen, Dennis, and Sarah decided to stop at the Arts Park in Indianapolis, IN. Stricken Ann accompanied them on their exploration of the grounds. Here, she poses in what Jen dubbed “Stricken’s House.”

Apr 25, 2008

Stricken and Jen with the Uhaul truck (nicknamed Buford), in Texas.

Sarah driving Buford and Stricken riding in the pink bag.

Stricken riding with Jen in Alcatraz.

Stricken Ann hanging out with Monet.

Jen and Stricken Ann finally in Michigan.

Apr 5, 2008

The Strickens went hiking with Jen and Ashley on the San Gabriel River Trail at Lake Georgetown, Texas.