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"And turtles, of course ... all the turtles are free, as turtles, and maybe, all creatures should be."
- Dr. Seuss, Yertle the Turtle




Mar 3, 2012

Because the sewer is no place to recover from a squirrel attack, Ann and E invited Mike and Raph to go back to Michigan with them. The guys readily accepted the invitation as they had already grown tired of California.

Feb 25, 2012

Mike was released from the hospital today and is doing very well. He is able to move around with the help of a crutch. Both Mike and Raph will stay with Ann and E for a while as it is too difficult for Mike to get in and out of the sewer with his crutch, which must be done daily so that he can attend physical therapy. (Not to mention the sewer is no place for a healthy recovery.)

Feb 16, 2012

Ann, E, Mike, and Raph were hanging out on the porch, chatting, when they were attacked by a large squirrel. Mike and Raph jumped into action, fighting off the squirrel and protecting the girls. In the end, the squirrel gave up and ran off. Ann and E were unharmed, though they were both angry that they had left their swords in Michigan–they would’ve like to help in the fight. Raph’s bandana was ripped, but he fared well compared to Mike, who was torn limb from limb. They rushed Mike to the hospital and he is in surgery. Only time will tell if he will make it.

While the Strickens were out for a walk, they happened upon some strangers to the area, Raph and Mike. Ann and E learned that Mike and Raph used to live in New York City, but recently moved to California because they were tired of the stress of the city. They wanted something more relaxed. While things aren’t as crazy in California, they aren’t sure how the feel about the area yet. The people here are kinda weird–and the Strickens agree. Even though, Ann and E are only in California for a few more weeks, they’ve made plans to hang out with Raph and Mike.