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"And turtles, of course ... all the turtles are free, as turtles, and maybe, all creatures should be."
- Dr. Seuss, Yertle the Turtle




Archive for the 'Miscellaneous' Category

Dec 22, 2013

Now that Stricken Ann and Stricken E are spending more time at home, they’re realizing they need to decorate and add some more furniture. Here is their wishlist:
bookcaseModern Bookcase (click on link for instructions on how to build it)

They really need a front door… It’s sort of drafty right now:


And, of course, they need a door knob/lock and key.


They could really use bed frames too. They have mattresses, but nothing to put them on.

Jan 6, 2012

Turtle Graffiti Art

Dec 17, 2011

Jen made a felt turtle using this pattern and fashioned it after Stricken Ann.

Feb 22, 2011

Stricken Ann was very excited to receive a postcard in the mail today from Stricken E.

Sep 29, 2010

Stricken Ann and Stricken E have had many adventures, some wilder than others.  They’ve had so many adventures that they don’t remember them all.  They are requesting that their friends and family write down some of the adventures they’ve had with them.  Then email the tales to the girls at so they can post them on the blog.