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There is a new woman at work who has a knack at rubbing people the wrong way. (As dirty as that sounds, that’s not what I mean.) She has taken to calling the women in my work group “babies” because we are all relatively young (in our 20s and 30s). So far, she hasn’t said this in front of me, but I’m waiting for the day. When she does, it’ll be on. I’m talking full on desk slap and “Let’s take this outside!” Just because she’s old and decrepit doesn’t mean that she can belittle other people. And I’m not young, she’s just extremely old. There will definitely be words exchanged. This thing really bugs me, It’s not appropriate for work and she has no business saying things like that. As it is, she’s always making comments to us in the effect of “thanks for making me feel old.” We get it, you’re old. Move on.

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